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The Bitcoin Embassy is the first physical space in the world dedicated to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. A three-story building located in the heart of Montreal, the Embassy serves as the home for the world’s leading community of Bitcoin entrepreneurs, developers, professionals and experts. We operate one of the world’s most active non-profit organization dedicated to Bitcoin education, lobbying and advocacy. We act as an incubator for disruptive startups and financial services providers in the blockchain technology industry.

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Bitcoin businesses, investors and institutions

We help Bitcoin startups and guide investors through the blockchain ecosystem


Are you a developer, professional or entrepreneur working on a Bitcoin or cryptocurrency startup or project? The Bitcoin Embassy could become your permanent headquarters! We can provide you with an office space, business and legal advice, access to Bitcoin developers and investors.


We help investors evaluate their needs and guide them through the complex world of cryptocurrency. We provide technical insights, perform due diligence, evaluate scalability and assess revenue models. We can save you time and resources by introducing you to the right team.

Media and presentations

Our team of experts are available for corporate presentations. We have presented at over 80 public conferences and events internationally. We are available for media requests and have generated over 200 unique media mentions since 2013.