Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain

We are developing and promoting disruptive technologies that will decentralize the economy and enable new socio-political systems

The Bitcoin Embassy is the first physical space in the world dedicated to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. A three-story building located in the heart of Montreal, the Embassy serves as the home for the world’s leading community of Bitcoin entrepreneurs, developers, professionals and experts. We operate one of the world’s most active non-profit organization dedicated to Bitcoin education, lobbying and advocacy. We act as an incubator for disruptive startups and financial services providers in the blockchain technology industry.

The Bitcoin Embassy ecosystem

The Bitcoin Embassy brand has no trademark or patent. It’s an open concept replicated internationally. The first ever was our Bitcoin Embassy, in Montreal. Considered a Bitcoin Embassy is a cluster of Bitcoin experts and startups assuming stewardship over a publicly accessbile location dedicated to promoting and facilitating the adoption of Bitcoin and representing the interests of the local ecosystem.

Bylls - Pay all your Bills with Bitcoin in Canada!

A payment processing service which allows Canadians to pay a selection of over 7000 standard billers (utilities, taxes, credit cards, insurance, law firms, municipal expenses, etc.). It also lets users create unlimited personal payees using only the recipient’s chequing information. It is powered by Satoshi Portal technology and is owned and operated by Satoshi Portal Inc.

Satoshi Portal - Bitcoin payments and banking infrastructure

Satoshi Portal develops, operates and implements Bitcoin-based financial services and applications. It is both a technology stack and a Bitcoin exchange and payments processing company which services the Canadian market. It completely merges a web-based banking experience with the Bitcoin blockchain, and supports an API and white-label solution for the Fintech industry. Its mission is to completely reduce the friction between fiat currency and Bitcoin transactions.

Satoshi Counter - Physical Bitcoin stores and services centers

Satoshi Counter is a physical Bitcoin exchange and full services center. Located right next to the Bitcoin Embassy, they range from high-volume Bitcoin brokers to educators for beginners of all levels.

Bitcoin Outlet - Bitcoin exchange and payments dashboard and infrastructure
An online Bitcoin brokerage application which facilitates the purchase and sale of bitcoins for Canadians. It is a full implementation of the Satoshi Portal tech stack, and is operated by Satoshi Portal Inc.
Blockchain Lab - Italian correspondant

The Blockchain Lab is an international community of experts originally from Milan, which provides services for leading industry clients and helps shape the future of the Bitcoin ecosystem

Bitcoin Embassy - advocacy and outreach

The title of Bitcoin Ambassador is one not take lightly. Using the Bitcoin Embassy’s title, Francis Pouliot promotes and defends the interest of the Bitcoin community at local, provincial, federal and international levels. Specifically, the Bitcoin Embassy its efforts on regulation and banking relations.

Keystamp - Cryptographic signatures and blockchain proofs

An new open-source standard, Keystamp, for integrating applied cryptography and blockchain technologies in existing corporate processes and commercial relationships, such as compliance policy implementation and audit.

Blockchain Montréal

Blockchain Montréal est une organisation et un meet-up dédiée à l’organisation d’évènements éducatifs sur la blockchain et donner une plateforme aux experts et startups locaux pour s’entrenir avec les autres représentants d’industrie et le grand public

SAFE Network community

SAFE stands for Secure Access For Everyone. The SAFE Network is a secure data storage and communication platform, owned by users and controlled by no one. Instead of relying on servers that are operated by companies and can be shut down or censored, SAFE doesn’t have a central authority that can control the content on the network. By installing and running the SAFE Client, content and services are encrypted and automatically distributed over the network so they can’t get lost.

Personalized Bitcoin services

Provided by Satoshi Counter

We sell and buy bitcoins
  • Physical location
  • Online transactions
  •  Trusted professionals
  • Fair and transparent rates
  • Safe, fast, direct, private
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We offer consulting services
  • Introductory classes for beginners
  • Help with ransomware
  • Crypto-based financial services
  • Bitcoin security and storage solutions
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Hardware and apparel
  • Bitcoin mining equipment
  • Paper wallet generation
  • Hardware wallets (Ledger, Trezor)
  • Security tools
  • Bitcoin apparel

Bitcoin businesses, investors and institutions

We help Bitcoin startups and guide investors through the blockchain ecosystem
Are you a developer, professional or entrepreneur working on a Bitcoin or cryptocurrency startup or project? The Bitcoin Embassy could become your permanent headquarters! We can provide you with an office space, business and legal advice, access to Bitcoin developers and investors.
We help investors evaluate their needs and guide them through the complex world of cryptocurrency. We provide technical insights, perform due diligence, evaluate scalability and assess revenue models. We can save you time and resources by introducing you to the right team.
Media and presentations
Our team of experts are available for corporate presentations. We have presented at over 80 public conferences and events internationally. We are available for media requests and have generated over 200 unique media mentions since 2013.